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Euphoric, Pleasantly Hallucinant

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VISION | STEPHEN STRANGEhttp://forumstatic.ru/files/0018/aa/28/36613.png
These are going to create a better world,
though these are the ones to destroy it

This is a long story – and no shortcuts

A town in the middle of nowhere
(even if it is not, this one is going to end up there anyway)

You'd better be far from here. Don't whine after like you haven't been warned.

Отредактировано Dr. Stephen Strange (2017-09-25 22:11:03)



    The city is named accordingly—Pleasantville. There is something about the word “pleasant” in the name that makes people feel good about themselves. As far as Vision can tell, there is no other logical explanation. Before he came here the city was torn apart by different gangs, and anyone could buy guns and drugs with the same ease as milk. People would be rude to anyone and everyone around, many neighbors weren’t even on the speaking terms with each other. The mayor didn’t particularly care about anything except getting paid for holding the police in place—not that the police was that enthusiastic about doing their job anyway.
    When Vision has just started on his journey across the USA he thought he was going to observe and record human behavior for further analysis and that’s it. However, the more he observed the less there was to analyze and understand. The majority of humanity was aggressive, egoistic and inventive as far as killing or otherwise destroying each other went. In 82% of cases a conflict that could have been solved peacefully turned into a fight. After a while Vision was bond to conclude that, surprisingly enough, Ultron was right in many ways. New York, DC, Chicago, Pleasantville—wherever he went, the grand picture stayed the same. Percentages of crime, rudeness, aggressiveness might vary ever so slightly but otherwise the problem is clearly within people themselves.
    So Vision fixes it.
    Unlike Ultron for whom the only possible way to protect the Earth was destroying the humanity, Vision has much stronger powers at his command and great respect for life. He would never kill anyone—any being, any human, however rude, obnoxious or aggressive, deserves to live. The thought doesn’t even occur to him. Instead Vision sets to work on humans around Pleasantville the way he would work on a damaged executive file. Something clearly went wrong in their program, so he fixes it in the only way he knows how—he opens their source code and changes it.
    The first person Vision chooses to visit is the mayor. A lanky, bony man in a suit that doesn’t quite fit him sits behind his desk in the office and, of course, he greets Vision with rudeness and inhospitality. The guards arrive mere seconds later, holding their guns and ready to fire. Seeing Vision momentarily stops them in their tracks, but the mayor starts yelling, “Shoot the bastard!” and their reflexes kick in. However, before any shots can be fired, Vision pauses them all. He opens their source codes and toggles the switch to on position the way you would toggle on the airplane mode on the phone. The strings of code hang in the air next to every person in the room, visible only to Vision, and he alters them methodically. There is nothing threatening people’s lives in it—Vision programs them very gently and carefully, his fingers moving quickly as he types on an invisible keyboard.
    He rewrites mayor’s smoking habits making them non-existent, changes “bitch” to “darling” in the way he addresses his wife, disables dishonesty, egoism, rudeness, deletes full paragraphs of code containing indecent thoughts and urges. Slowly but surely Vision rights all wrongs in the man. When he’s done he turns to the two guards and fixes them too—no more booze, no more whoring around, disgust for drugs, respect for sports and healthy food. He also fixes the festering heart disease in one of them, just switches it off with the move of his fingers.
    When Vision unpauses them, they seem blank for a few moments before the new programming loads fully, and all of a sudden, they are very polite and positive people. Seeing the first test succeed, Vision moves on and fixes every single person in the city down to newborn babies in the hospital. At some point, he registers how his power affects the city on its own, gradually rewriting everyone to the set standard without him having to do it manually. Politeness and friendliness catch on like a virus, and soon enough Pleasantville fully embodies its name. It’s simply pleasant. No more crimes, no more rudeness, no more laziness—everyone is highly productive, concentrated and content with their lives.
    Vision stays to observe and fix any future mistakes in case something goes wrong.

Отредактировано Vision (2017-09-26 15:41:09)



During those days Stephen was passing by Pleasantville to pick up one of the artifacts left after the Ancient One. This small small town was not, though, as pleasant as it was officially promised. Strange had no intentions to stay there longer than it was necessary. However, he had to adjust to circumstances after discovering that his fellow in mystic arts had not arrived at the spot yet. In addition to a stuffy hotel room, which Stephen was forced to rent to spend a couple of nights in the city, it was pretty annoying.

It was so smooth, a transformation to the nicest guy on Earth. Later Stephen would not believe it, but he did not notice the changes from the very start. It was already too late, when Strange dared to assume that the world was behaving badly. It happened only after he was capable of feeling the magic, which was floating in the air. This magic did not belong to this world; it was inhuman.

It took Stephen a while to trace a squabbler. The sorcerer was like a hound hunting down its prey.
Finally, his efforts were rewarded.

Strange stepped out of a magnificently behaving crowd. Now he was the intruder.

"Darling," Stephen shouted out to a man, who was staying in front of him. The magician could smell a specifically weird type of magic, which transformed the naïve city.

"You are the stage director of this lovely performance, aren't you?"

Undoubtedly, Strange could describe a situation better, if it was not for a magic trick limiting his vocabulary. While in the existing circumstances, the sorcerer was forced to treat "darling" as the most eloquent and ambiguously unpleasant out of all (definitely unbearably nice) available options.

"Don't get me wrong," Stephen continued, "I have nothing against those sweet Happily Ever After endings."

"But don't you think that this town has too much of a literal title now?"

Back then a fact that everything was going wrong at that very moment was the only thing, which Stephen was sure of.

Отредактировано Dr. Stephen Strange (2017-09-27 14:02:11)



    Even if his power—Vision doesn’t call it magic because he doesn’t quite believe in the concept of magic—does get out of control, he doesn’t notice it. The wonderful transformation of Pleasantville brings him peace. Finally, a place where Vision can casually stroll down the street and nobody would stare at him or whisper to each other in a way that he found very rude and upsetting. A place where kids got good grades—all of the kids!—and everything worked like a clock. One giant mechanism, as perfect as it can get.
    Suddenly something changes. Vision stops in his tracks on the main street of the city and turns his head, looking at a man storming towards him. He, as everybody else, was efficiently altered to his best possible version by Vision’s power, and the probability of it not working right is mere 3,8%. However, the way the man shouts, “Darling,” is reminiscent of the way a person would shout an insult. Vision frowns and quickly opens the man’s source code and scrolls through it barely paying any attention to the man himself.
    Dr. Stephen Strange is not from around here. That might explain it. The questions he asks indicate deeper understanding of Pleasantville transformation. No one in the city noticed what happened to them, and this is the first mistake that happened with the code. Well, this is exactly the reason Vision stayed. He smiles calmly and kindly at Stephen, the expression he learnt helps people relax. It’s barely perceptible how calculated the movement of his mimic muscles is, how precise.
    “It’s okay, don’t worry, sir,” Vision says, turning to Stephen. “There seems to be a minor problem with you but I am going to fix it shortly. Do you experience any other worrying symptoms? Let me see.”
    Vision scrolls the source code further and further, scanning it quicker than any human possibly could. However, since the code is only visible to him, it might look odd to Stephen, so Vision keeps him in the loop of a conversation. His eyes run over the physical parameters—nothing out of the ordinary except for one thing.
    “Your hands—do they bring you discomfort? Old traumas can do that. Don’t worry I’ll alleviate your possible pain in a moment, and you’ll return to your happy life,” Vision sounds sympathetic even though he has no understanding of what pain feels like. He has never experienced it, he only knows it’s something that makes people sad and uncomfortable.
    The string of code programming how exactly Stephen’s hands behave and what are the consequences of his trauma, the limitations and the alterations to the standard bone structure, is quite sophisticated. It takes Vision a few moments to examine the code and come up with a solution. It is going to take awhile to untangle the code but he is going to fix dr Stephen Strange whatever it takes, just like he fixed everyone else in this town.


Вы здесь » Marvelbreak » Незавершенные эпизоды » Euphoric, Pleasantly Hallucinant

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